Mexican Academy of Sciences


Mexican Geography Olympiad


Program Director:
Dr. Fernando García García


Mexican Geography Olympiad (OMG) was held for the first time in 2003. It was jointly organized by the Mexican Academy of Science and the Televisa Foundation.


The competition, primarily for high school students, is designed to:

·        Encourage the study of Geography and Earth Sciences

·        Develop talented young people with an interest in Geography and related disciplines

·        Select the country’s best students to represent Mexico at international competitions.


The competition comprises three stages with individual participation:

·        Local competition

·        State competition

·        National competition

The first stage is applied at the participants’ schools under the supervision of teachers who have volunteered their time. The second stage involves selecting the students who will participate in the national Olympiad from the most outstanding local contestants. During this final stage, students will be given an exam that includes a multiple choice section, a direct answer section, a practical section and a map interpretation section. The teams representing Mexico will be drawn from students who achieve the best results at this stage. A group of five of the top ten students at the national competition will participate in various activities related to Geography and Earth Sciences. From this final group, a team will be made up to represent Mexico at National Geographic’s World Geography Championship. To date, Mexico has participated four times in this competition. Mexico achieved its best result in 2007, when it won the gold medal in San Diego, USA.


Teams to represent Mexico at the International Geography Olympiad and the Asian-Pacific Rim Regional Geography Olympiad, organized by the International Geography Union, are selected from the medal winners at OMG. Mexico has participated in these competitions on nine occasions, winning 4 gold, 3 silver and 11 bronze medals and 3 honorable mentions.


In the 3 times it has participated in APReGO, Mexico has won 2 gold , 1 silver and 5 bronze medals.



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