Mexican Academy of Sciences

The Global Network of Science Academies (IAP)


Created in 1995, this network currently brings together 94 scientific academies throughout the world, with the goal of advising governmental authorities, international organizations and the general public on scientific issues of global interest such as population growth, urban settlements, and the sustainability of the demographic economy and the environment in the 21st Century; as well as promoting interaction and collaboration amongst its own academies. The AMC is in constant contact with the IAP in an ongoing effort to strengthen collaborative ties with its counterparts around the world.


The IAP is the primary sponsor of regional initiatives such as the Inter-American Network of Scientific Academies (IANAS). Through this same network, the AMC participates in the Water Program, coordinating with the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. Likewise, the AMC participates in the Science Teaching Program run by Chile.


The IAP General Assembly is held every three years. The 2003 Assembly was held in Mexico with the AMC as the host institution. The AMC is an active member of IAP, participating in a variety of committees and studies backed by this panel. Recently, the AMC was selected to join the committee that analyzes and determines which projects the IAP will support in upcoming years, as well as on the Biofuel Experts Committee.


In December 2008, the AMC received a special invitation from the IAP to designate representatives for the Committee on Ocean Acidification, with the goal of drafting a declaration that would draw attention to the issue and submitting it for consideration to the academies that make up the IAP. An invitation was extended to the academies in Brazil, India, China, Japan, Germany, New Zealand and African countries together with the Mexican Academy of Science.


Additionally, the co-directors of IAP sent a communiqué to IANAS proposing two regional workshops on energy and on women in science, both of which IAP offered to fund. The Energy Workshop was held in Argentina in October of 2008 and the Women in Science Workshop was held in Mexico on April 20-21, 2009; the AMC organized the event together with IANAS.


Currently the AMC is part of the IAP Executive Committee 2013-2015 jointly with Academies from Brazil, Canada, Cuba, China, France, India, Italy, Japan y Southdafrica.


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