Mexican Academy of Sciences

National Chemistry Olympiad


Program Directors:
Dr. María Antonia Dosal,
Dr. Mauricio Castro


Within the framework of the National Science Olympiads, the Mexican Academy of Sciences organizes the National Chemistry Olympiad in collaboration with the Chemistry Department at UNAM, the Mexican Association of Analytical Chemistry and the Mexican Chemistry Society.


This contest is held amongst high school students, and the primary objectives are to:


·        Promote the study of Chemistry and to encourage talented young chemists.

·        Strengthen friendships between participants and to encourage cooperation, understanding and dialogue.

·        Select the most outstanding pre-university students and incorporate them into the delegations that represent Mexico at international Olympiads.


This competition is held annually and comprises three stages:


a)   State-level competitions 
b) National competitions 
c) Selection and training of Mexico’s representative delegations for International and Latin American Olympiads.


In the first two stages, students, who must be enrolled at a Mexican high school, compete in two categories according their year of study. Enrollment is individual and free of charge and must be done through the corresponding state or regional delegate.


During the national competition stage, there are a number of theoretical exams and one practical exam. During this stage a group of students is chosen, based on exam results, to receive special training. Later, delegations of six students (four primary and two substitute competitors) are nominated. Four students from each of these groups represent Mexico at international and Latin American competitions.


Mexico participated in the XXIV International Chemistry Olympiad, held in the United States, for the first time in 1992. Since then, with Mexican students winning 8 silver medals, 34 bronze medals and 13 honorable mentions.


Mexico has participated in the Iberoamerican Olympiad since the first event held in Mendoza, Argentina in 1995. The Mexican students who have represented our country at these competitions have won 18 golden medals, 32 silver medals, 21 bronze medals  and 1 honorable mention.


In each state of Mexico there are one or two delegates responsible for organizing regional events. This stage tests students through theoretical exams, and, on occasion, practical exams as well.


The National Chemistry Olympiad Organizational Committee members are:

Mauricio Castro, Ernestina Cervera, María Antonia Dosal, Ramiro Domínguez, Fernando León, José Manuel Méndez, Gloria Pérez and Octavio Reyes. Carmen Quintanar is responsible for logistics.


Carmen Quintanar Martínez
Alejandra Piña Arias
Tel: (+52 55) 5849-4909, Fax: (+52 55) 5849-5108
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