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National Biology Olympiad


Program Director:
Dr. Cristina Revilla Monsalve

Science and technology are taking giant steps forward, which is why any country that aspires to cultural and technological independence must use a variety of strategies to develop its scientific and technological contributions. The Mexican Academy of Science, aware of its role in furthering research in our country, has taken on the responsibility of organizing the National Biology Olympiads.


This event was held for the first time in 1991. It is designed to stimulate science education among Mexican youth and identify scientific talent in order to encourage students to pursue degrees in science. Students from any college, whether public or private, enrolled in technological or preparatory courses, who turned 19 years old after September 1 of the exam year, are eligible to participate.


Participation and awards are given on an individual rather than an institutional basis.


This annual competition is structured around three stages:

1)   State competitions

2)   National competitions

3)   Selection and training of the delegation which will represent Mexico at the International Olympiads.


The competitions mentioned above include exams of high school and college level knowledge of Biology. The content and structure of the local competitions are similar to those found at national competitions. The six first place winners from each state and the twelve first place winners from the metropolitan area of Mexico City participate in the national level competition. During this stage, the ten most outstanding contestants are selected to receive special training. Based on their performance, the top four of these contestants will move on to represent Mexico at the International Olympiad.


The Solicitations for local competitions will be made openly and publicly to all interested parties. The Solicitations will specify place and date of enrollment as well as the place, date and time of the local competition. The Solicitations will be communicated through media including newspapers, magazines, radio and television.


Mexico has participated in International Olympiads (including Iberoamerican competition) and won 6 gold medals, 12 silver medals, 36 bronze medals and 1 honorable mention.

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